If anyone is wondering,i do not have a pc atm i am using an old desktop that is for everyone in the house to use, my laptop failed on me
The DDoS is over, normal service is now resumed
But why?
We are currently being DDoS'ed. Enjin is handling it well but it's hitting the server hard. More information as it develops.
why does the server keep closing?
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The Future of MineTek

monkyboyj Admin posted Sep 17, 14
Hello everyone,

I'm monkyboyj and hopefully most of you know me by now; I've been a part of this community since its inception, and I've been serving alongside Scarecrow as a member of staff almost as long as MineTek has existed. Recently, I've been fulfilling the role of Community Manager and have been the de facto deputy owner of MineTek. However, things are about to change.

For those of you who follow Scarecrow on Twitter, or have been paying particular attention to the website recently, you will know that Scarecrow has been going through a severe rough patch. Various factors including personal issues, college struggles and sheer exhaustion have depleted what remaining energy he has left and he simply can’t carry on anymore. As such, Scare has resigned as Head Admin and Pack Developer.

He is not leaving the community however. He has put such effort into this project he believes he has an obligation to stay and help out where he can. Therefore, he will stay on as the Owner of MineTek, and will oversee and coordinate the community on a financial and executive level. Operational control of MineTek, will therefore fall to me, your new Head Admin. More staff changes are listed below:

  • Skwerlman is elevated to Pack Developer, and will develop, maintain and update the pack in Scarecrow's place.
  • 343GuiltySpark (Void) will replace me as Community Manager.
  • Ollieread has been recruited as a part-time staff member in an advisory role.

The new management team of Void, Skwerl and I feel we are more than capable of running MineTek, which we hope will continue to grow and thrive as it always has. We thank you for your patience during this time; and we expect to see a working 1.7.10 pack (Scare’s last) appear shortly.

On a final note, this means Scare is no longer involved with MineTek as he was before, and therefore he will ignore all messages/complaints sent to him concerning the day-to-day operations of MineTek. It’s not his job anymore, and I hope you will all respect his decision.

cypherkaldarese VET Sad to see Scare step away but from what I understand, it is VERY needed for his sanity and well being. Monkey, Skwerl, ...
assasinkillaman VET Just have faith Die4Toast. I believe they know what their doing to not have this blow up in their faces. Good luck monke ...
Die4Toast Let's hope everything we'll be alright ...

1.7.10 Released!

Scarecrow Owner posted Sep 2, 14
Told you it wouldn't be too long!

I have now marked MineTek version dev-2.3 as the Latest build in the Launcher. This is the first 1.7.10 build. Go play around with it, and remember to report bugs to the GitHub here. Remember that's its an early build right now, so the following should be noted:

  • Universal Electricity and Resonant Engine development builds are in the pack, however MFFS, ICBM, Atomic Science and Resonant Induction have not yet been released by their respective developers for 1.7.10, so they are not included in the pack at this time.
  • Not all planned mods have been added yet.
  • No configuration work has been completed yet, so full functionality of several mods hasn't been achieved.
If however, you are still messing around with 1.6.4 MineTek, I have a gift for you. Here is a link to download the previous server world; enjoy!

Server will be resuming normal service running MineTek 1.7.10 as soon as we have completed tests and checks. No ETA's yet, but considering I had the basic 1.7.10 pack running 24 hours after the 1.6.4 died, you shouldn't have to wait long!

- Scare and the MineTek Team
cypherkaldarese VET Cant wait to play the 1.7 server the instant it goes live! Woohoo! Thanks for the update Scare!
Angel_Kairi RTDVET
Angel_Kairi @ MineTek Official Ser...
I'm expecting very little, but if I see more stability than I did, I will be impressed. .3. Still looking forward to it ...
Die4Toast Well done!

MineTek Shutdown (again)

Scarecrow Owner posted Aug 28, 14
I really hoped I would not have to do another announcement about shutting down the server, however this has become necessary. We have encountered a crash which we cannot fix, and does not get an author fix until 1.7.10. Therefore, it is no longer viable to run this server in 1.6.4. As a result, I sadly have to announce the temporary closure of the MineTek Reborn server.

It's not the end, don't go anywhere! With the server in shutdown, 100% of my efforts will now go into recreating the pack for 1.7.10. I hope to have versions in 1.7.10 up and running extremely soon, so please think of this as a temporary speed-bump which we will bulldoze imminently. For now, enjoy the pack in single-player (this is a server side bug only) and we will be back with you soon!

So there is no confusion:

Server crashing constantly - short of a full reset there is nothing we can do to fix it and if we are resetting we might as well update to a version where the bug does not exist.

This has become my top priority; some of you veterans know to what extents I will go to try to keep this project alive and kicking, so short of another emergency hospitalization its pedal to the metal and a 1.7.10 version will materialize in no time!

More information to follow; massive apologies this has taken place!

- Scarecrow and the MineTek Team
Die4Toast Am I the only one who refreshes web page 30 times every day, to see if server is online?
Minerbuildboy900 @ MineTek Officia...
Was getting inactive lately so I came to get on.. Dang it. Cant wait for the updated version!
cypherkaldarese VET Very curious and excited to discover what mods make it and which will be cut, the suspense may actually kill me, Literal ...

Major System Rollback

monkyboyj Admin posted Aug 23, 14
Today we entered a Emergency Maintenance period following a serious server crash at 3AM GMT. The effects were devastating and are as follows. MCMyAdmin, the web-based administration system we use to manage the server files, completely failed. Without this, the server relied only on our series of automated scripts, codenamed GAVIN. GAVIN is not designed to restore the system after a crash like this (He is only supposed to operate the routine server reboots and notify us when stuff breaks; the latter of which failed due to MCMyAdmin failing); and in doing so, overwrote the overworld with the mining world and regenerated any remaining chunks when trying to force a save. By the time we got MCMyAdmin operational again and disabled GAVIN, the damage was irreversible.

So, we have been forced to rollback. The only backup which worked was 9 days old. So, we have rolled back the main world 9 days. Any building, crafting and mining you have done in this time has been reverted. Your location and inventories have also been reverted by approx. 9 days. However, other dimensions and your residence protection are not affected.

Before anyone asks, THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS! We have no records on what you had and the scale is too big to manage. Anyone who persists, believing they are above anyone else, will be punished appropriately.

We apologize humbly for this; we really did not want to rollback 9 days, but it was all we had left. In future, we will be patching GAVIN and making our backups automated, so we have much more recent points to restore from.

Sorry for the major inconvenience.
Elton_Setan VET 9 Days ?? I was away a week from 23 Aug Back to the stone age ! ...
DepletedBallon Wat O_O Well I'll try to make my Way back to my Base........ ;(

We need your help!

Scarecrow Owner posted Aug 11, 14
Since things have calmed down a bit, I have taken time to review MineTek on the Technic Platform. We have fallen down several places recently; we need your help friends!

If you love MineTek and want it to thrive, and if you haven't done so already, go make a Technic Platform account and vote the pack up NOW! We really need votes to get higher up on the rankings and increase our player bases! Well, what are you waiting for? Pack link is here, go go go!
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