its worth a try! lets hope it works (whatever it is?)
I've found a possible fix for the rollback, which I have sent to Scare. I can't confirm whether we'll actually be able to fix this or not, though.
and the first two were of minetek 1
everything just doesnt like minetek, first the loss of players, then the server shutting down, then the server reset recently minetek still persists though, and as it persists, i will play
Apparently the mining world is having an identity crisis and thinks its a space station. May have to reset that.
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Relaunch Postponed

Scarecrow OwnerAdmin posted Jul 29, 14
For anyone who follows me on Twitter or has noticed my shoutbox posts recently, this should not come as a surprise. But for everyone, I offer my sincere apologies. From your viewpoint, I can see why you would be unhappy. The countdown has been running for two and half months, and yet when the crunch came we could not deliver on time. 

Due to events outside of my control, these last few days I have been unable to contribute much towards the relaunch, and at the start of the countdown most of my time was still spent on my personal and working life. I have managed to deliver however, an almost complete and very stable rebuild of MineTek, and although we certainly will not make the July 31st deadline, we are still going to relaunch a couple of days after that, since now the infrastructure is mostly in place.

Please bear with us, we have not cancelled and we will be relaunching at a later date, which is still not confirmed yet. The countdown therefore, has no bearing on the relaunch anymore, you can happily ignore it. Updates on the new date are coming soon.

Once again, we are extremely apologetic for being unable to deliver on time.

- Scare and the MineTek Team
TStackhouse VET don't worry about a deadline for something like this. the deadline was a challenge to yourself, and nothing more. anyone ...
cypherkaldarese VET Dude, your personal life, work, and health COME FIRST! This is a GAME, and we all immensely appreciate all the work and ...
Firearm55 s-mod i blame murphy and his damn law! not us blame murphy!

The Countdown Continues!

Scarecrow OwnerAdmin posted Jun 13, 14
As many of you may have noticed, I have removed the 'Offline' page and once again we find ourselves home. This is because I will officially finish my exams on Monday and thus I am throwing myself fully into sorting out the revival of MineTek!

First things first, thank you for everyone who has applied to be staff, monky and I were very much impressed with the high quality of the applications we received and were even more impressed with the candidates themselves! We are now confident that we can manage the revival and the management of the server with the team we have, but we are still looking for exceptional people to assist us, so if you think you got what it takes, hit that Staff Application button above and impress us!

Secondly, don't be under any illusions. There is still a hell of a lot to do; mine and monky's exams have ensured we have been unable to work fully on the project. Don't expect the countdown to accelerate, but we are still dedicated to fulfilling our promises to you and standing the server up July 31st. This is our goal and we are going to do our very best to not let you guys down.

Next, the main reason why I have once again reactivated the homepage is because I'm going to be putting out polls etc asking for your input as a community. We want this thing to be community-driven and we want to provide the service YOU guys want. So, watch the forums for new polls; quite a lot of them will be about the way the donation/reward system will work. I am instituting a system where players can earn rewards through good forum behaviour and server progress. So, its in your best interest to post sensibly on the forum on a regular basis, because you will earn points which will contribute towards rewards that will be made available in the Store! This new system will tie in with a complete overhaul of the donation ranks which will put emphasis on the tech based nature of the modpack. The subscription rank system whereby you pay monthly for a rank has been scrapped; if you want to donate you can only be rewarded with a permanent rank but everything will be made cheaper! Also, all past donators will keep their ranks, so no need to worry!

Additionally, the modpack will be a key focus. Right now the updates I started on it are partially complete but I need to get server testing underway ASAP. If the server comes online before July 31st, please be aware it will NOT be open publicly. Furthermore, in the event that the old world is incompatible with the changes I make, I will put the old world up for download (its very large by the way) and allow old players to be reimbursed for their losses. 

In conclusion, we have a big task on our hands but we are actually getting stuff done now! Please check back here and be active on the forums, furthermore check my Twitter for daily updates on our progress!

Finally, may I remind staff that your presence is required back here ASAP! Please check our messages and the staff forum.

Thanks everyone!

DeadlyShark55 VET I disagree. The reson why is that it is sad to see your great creations go. An example of this is my one office building ...
assasinkillaman VET I will be kind of glad if the map gets erased, because I was completely overpowered and I was to proud of myself to dest ...

MineTek Reborn!

Scarecrow OwnerAdmin posted Apr 24, 14

MineTek is coming back! You heard me, we are not dead and we are going to return soon!

The principal reason why MineTek was not resuscitated immediately after its demise is because I currently do not have the time required to make the rebirth a reality. This is due to a hefty college workload on the run up to my exams. However, as soon as my exams are over, you can expect that MineTek will rise like the phoenix and once more be the reason why you never get anything done!

In order to bring MineTek back, a lot of work needs to be done in several key areas. What needs to be done is:

  • Fix the major bugs in the modpack and release several crucial updates. This will essentially prep the modpack for use on the server. Watch out for the addition and removal of mods from the pack, a full changelog will be published soon.
  • Overhaul the donation system to make it more rewarding and less expensive.
  • Bring a server up and thoroughly test it in order to make it more stable and more enjoyable for the average player.
  • Massive amounts of plugin and configuration work to reduce future downtime, reduce maintenance periods and make the whole ugly mess easier to work with.
  • Sort out the ranking system and introduce a reward system for long time players.
  • Achieve full integration between the server, the website and the TeamSpeak, as well as any other services.
  • Most importantly, recruit staff to replace those that left.
This last point is a key part of our revival. If you think you have what it takes, click here to apply now!

I am slowly reactivating parts of the site as and when their usage is required, but I have not yet decided whether to completely overhaul the site or simply fix the broken parts of it. More on this at a later date.

Thanks for sticking with us, more details to follow!


cypherkaldarese VET YAY! My favorite pack and community is coming back!
Oceanus_Biddle VET Hey, um, I donated literally right before the server went down, but never got on because VoidLauncher messed up my TL, s ...
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