We are closing staff applications to new entries whilst we focus on server maintenance. Thank you to all who applied. -
May I ask why the dark steel pickaxe is banned?
Until we perform the next update, Dark Steel Pickaxes from Ender IO are now banned. Contact a senior staff member or developer in-game for a refund.
lol [link]
Troublebaker"hi ":nobody responds. LOL. Hey baker how's it going.
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Server open again!

Scarecrow Ownero posted Jan 3, 15
The MineTek 2 Official Server is now restored to (hopefully) full working order! We are very sorry it has been offline these last four and a half days, however the bug was not one we had ever encountered before, which has forced us to rollback all worlds by approx. two days. Even now we have no idea what originally caused the issue. We are just relieved it is fixed, and you can join the server again. Please update your packs to 2.8.7, and welcome back!

NOTE: We had to run with a backup created on the 27th of December. This means any work you have done from then until the server was taken offline will be lost. Sorry, it was unavoidable, and we cannot offer refunds due to the scale.

Now I can get some sleep!


Server Update

Scarecrow Ownero posted Jan 1, 15
Hello everyone,

A lot of you have been asking for an update on our progress, and why the server is still down. In short, the issue is one of the strangest I've ever come across, and since the server itself gives no indication of what is wrong, we are literally trying to fix this problem blindfolded. We will succeed, however I still have a life to lead, so right now we have no ETA for you. Sorry everyone.

Happy New Year!

cpm9 Thanks Scare ...
Angel_Kairi VET Things to check: -Connection with server to client. -The host portforwarding. -Reading the logs. all of them. forge and ...
All players, visitors and friends,

We here at MineTek would like to wish you the very best Christmas and a wondrous New Year! Please enjoy yourselves and thanks for seeing us into 2015!

-Scarecrow and the MineTek Team
alexp10v2 VET Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas News

Scarecrow Ownero posted Dec 19, 14
Updates and news for everyone!

cypherkaldarese VET Thanks for the news!

Shop closed

Scarecrow Ownero posted Dec 17, 14
We are sorry to announce that the admin shop on the server is temporarily closed until further notice. I am not at liberty to discuss why, nor will I. 

Also, if you recently purchased gold coins, please message monkyboyj or 343GuiltySpark on the WEBSITE to ask for a refund. We are no longer using gold coins from Custom NPC's.


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