MineTek 3 Coming Soon!
Expect announcement soon. I am free of exams now.
GL & HF :sick:
Exams tomorrow, after that I should have time to get some MineTek 3 work done. Wish me luck!
I sensed someone said my name :sick:
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All players, visitors and friends,

We here at MineTek would like to wish you the very best Christmas and a wondrous New Year! Please enjoy yourselves and thanks for seeing us into 2015!

-Scarecrow and the MineTek Team
Alexp10v2 Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas News

Scarecrow Owner posted Dec 19, 14
Updates and news for everyone!

cypherkaldarese VET Thanks for the news!

Shop closed

Scarecrow Owner posted Dec 17, 14
We are sorry to announce that the admin shop on the server is temporarily closed until further notice. I am not at liberty to discuss why, nor will I. 

Also, if you recently purchased gold coins, please message monkyboyj or 343GuiltySpark on the WEBSITE to ask for a refund. We are no longer using gold coins from Custom NPC's.



Good News!

Scarecrow Owner posted Dec 6, 14
We are live (AGAIN)!

Update your packs to version 2.7.2 and join the fun. Due to this update, ChestShop is discontinued. We will be replacing them with the CustomNPC mod in time.

Please can players manually remove the MineFactory Reloaded jar file from their modpacks if they want to play at this time. Remember NOT to perform a update if doing so. We will push a fixed version ASAP.

We apologise for the severe downtime in the last 48 hours.

IP: play.minetekmc.com


cypherkaldarese VET Yay Minetek is live again .... but the server was shut down within minutes of me joining ... everything going okay guys?

MineTek Returns!

Scarecrow Owner posted Nov 21, 14

The wait is (almost) over, ladies and gentlemen!

On the 28th of November, at 10PM (GMT), the MineTek 2 Official Server will be public!

We apologise humbly for the unacceptable delay for reopening. The start of a new academic year, combined with our personal commitments, and at times unforeseen circumstances, pushed it back time and time again. It is only now we have managed to get a foothold on our lives and push forward.

As compensation for the delay, Thunder-5, our space station that provides free ores and processing to those who will own land at spawn or purchase a rank, will be open to the public for a limited period! Ores come on a first come, first served basis, so remember to get here first before it’s all gone!

We hope you’ll enjoy the new MineTek experience when we go live!

-The MineTek Team

cypherkaldarese VET Thanks for all the hard work guys, looking forward to seeing and playing with you all again very soon!
cowskier203 This is the mineteks team birthday present for you dan XD Yay! ETA! better be organized in my first prioritys tab > ...
Kamicactus VET Yay!
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