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You're very funny Frax. (This is an inside joke obviously)
I thought Softy was a printer?
Ello nerds. Softy is now officially my right hand man (although shes a girl). She has returned as community manager
You mean sync is the mod where you have that 90% chance of losing all your gear on your main person and your clones?
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Happy 2nd Anniversary MineTek!

Scarecrow Owner posted Apr 4, 15

It's been two years already? Wow I really need a life....

So yes, MineTek is two years old today! Few of our players today will remember the hallowed day two years ago that I released the pack that would become MineTek onto the Technic Platform, but it feels like yesterday to me. As part of the celebrations, we are gifting you fantastic people a new server to eliminate the lag. Because of this transfer, specific events will be postponed but I intend to make this a week of celebration! Keep checking the forums and have a great day!

Scarecrow and the MineTek team

The MineTek team is looking for new members to join our Developer and Server Moderator ranks! If you are interested in applying, please read the following post for the details, along with some tips to help with your application:




- Void

Hi everyone

So as you may have seen in the Shoutbox, MineTek version 3 is now available which means the bugs which closed the server last month are now fixed.


This means that the official server should now be opening again this Saturday at 9PM GMT.


We hope to see you all there!

MPMob As I said in the shout out box "MineTek 3" wow great work MineTek team! Its come along way and you sti...
alexp10v2 BT I'll be able to join from the begining of a server restart/reset. That could be fun as I haven't played on a m...
LiSh4 Now if only I could remember what time 9 PM GMT is in EST...
Scare has published a thread discussing the future of the modpack, in terms of what will be removed and added with our next major build of Minetek, along with a poll to decide on how we progress with repairs to the server.

This vote is critical. It will decide if we execute a world reset or not.

Please visit, read and vote here: [LINK]


Angel_Kairi EW. Not ee2 for 1.7. No. Bad. Bad scare. No. Bad. I will stab you with my rusty wooden spoon. Do not. BAD. World reset?...
Cowskier Whatever, miner will probrably have a digital miner running in the mining world before I join the server XD

Server Status 13/01/2015

Scarecrow Owner posted Jan 13, 15
Hello community,

Yet again, we find ourselves with a broken server, and yet again, it's the same bug which crippled us in the New Year. Again, this bug does not log itself nor cause crash reports, however it appears to be the cause of all the time out issues and and the lag. 

This is exactly what I was speaking about in the Modpack Restructuring thread; too many mods can cause issues like this, and although we do not yet have a fix for it, we mean to be ruthless when it comes to fixing it. If we have to purge a popular mod, we apologies but it's infinitely better than a complete world reset. We'll keep you posted.

-Scare and Skwerlman
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